As you likely know wildlife is my passion. I read and watch anything I can get my hands on that deals with wildlife and wildlife conservation. As such I find many news articles online that I would like to share with the readers of this page. Unfortunately, posting each of them individually makes it hard to find space for my the posts I personally write. So I have decided to combine articles I find into updates such as this one. Often they will be grouped based on where the conservation effort or species discussed is from. However, some of the key species that I have focused on, such as rhinos, will receive their own updates. Further more I may find particular articles that for one reason or another still deserve to be posted individually. Since the African rhinos were the subject of my first post on this blog it seems fitting that I start with them.

Kenya to microchip all rhinos’ horns to beat poachers – Yahoo News.

Wildlife Extra News – Exposing myths: Chinese connections in African ivory & rhino horn markets.