A great article by my former advisor and birding mentor on the ease and usefulness of eBird.

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Are you eBirding?  Here’s why I think you should be.  I wrote the following in response to some questions about eBird on our OKbirds listerv.  The eBird-hesitant tend to worry that the learning curve is steep for eBird or that no one would be interested in their bird observations.  I hope that this post illustrates the ease of eBird, and that its power lies in the large number of rather mundane checklists it archives, rather than just focusing on rare or extralimital occurrences.

People enjoy birding in various ways and for different reasons.  If you are someone who 1) keeps a list of a specific place where you go birding and 2) estimates the number of individuals of each species you encounter,  then you are collecting the type of data that is valuable to eBird.


This guy is birding. Later that day he entered the list of birds he…

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