This is sad news about Satao. I was in Tsavo a year ago and unfortunately did not have an opportunity to see this majestic animal. Mountain Bull, another famous large tusker from Kenya was killed recently in the Lewa conservancy of northern Kenya. We must find a way to end this poaching pandemic!

ATC News by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome

Much has been said and much more will be said in coming days about the fact that Satao, an iconic huge elephant who roamed the plains of Tsavo, was killed by poachers and his tusks, said to be the largest of any elephant at the time in Kenya, hacked out of his skull.

10351261_459388834164329_4000034021727138882_n.jpg(Picture courtesy of Tsavo Trust)

This latest killing of an iconic elephant, the previous one only two weeks ago when in similar fashion another big tusker was poached in Central Kenya, exposes the rot in the establishment, which has been big on lipservice and short of action, to the point of even denying that there is a poaching crisis in Kenya. Clearly, this latest case, one of dozens in the wider Tsavo/Taita/Taveta area in recent months, demonstrates that the Kenyan government is NOT doing all which could be done and should be done to take the battle…

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