Another example of how hunters are the greatest force for conservation.

First For Wildlife

Liard Wood Bison, Near Coal River, British Columbia

SCI Foundation recently received a $95,000 grant from its Hunter Legacy Fund (HLF) to help reintroduce wood bison into the Innoko National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. The reintroduction of wood bison has been a long-term goal for many stakeholders in Alaska, Safari Club International and SCI Foundation. After six years of maintaining a herd of wood bison at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC), and after federal approvals have been obtained under the Endangered Species Act, the bison can finally be released into the wild. This long-term project of multiple organizations can finally be completed. 

Returning wood bison to their former range in Alaska will be a great contribution to North American wildlife conservation. Wood bison once roamed widely in North America as the largest land animal until unregulated hunting eradicated population segments, including the segment living in Alaska. Wood bison are important in their ecosystem because their unique grazing…

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